Paper Submissions

Paper submission has now closed. 


01  Soil dynamics: field and laboratory testing
02  Soil-site characterization and dynamic soil modelling
03  Site effects and microzonation
04  Seismic hazard and strong ground motion
05  Soil liquefaction and lateral spreading
06  Impacts of liquefaction on buildings and infrastructure
07  Slopes, embankments, dams and landfills
08  Earth-retaining and waterfront structures
09  Shallow and deep foundations
10  Residential and multi-storey buildings
11  Underground structures and waste repositories
12  Lifeline earthquake engineering
13  Offshore structures, critical facilities
14  Soil-structure-foundation interaction
15  Analytical and numerical methods
16  Case histories, observations and lessons from recent and past earthquakes
17  Codes, policy issues, insurance and standard of practice
18  Geotechnical engineering for mega-earthquakes and multi-hazards
19  Geotechnical engineering for urban systems and resilient communities
20  Performance-based design in earthquake geotechnical engineering
21  Mini-symposium: Combined Geotechnical Hazards
22 Mini- symposium: Effect of fine particles on the behaviour of sands and tailings
23 Mini- symposium: Numerical and Constitutive Modeling Techniques for Soil Liquefaction: Verification, Validation, and New Developments
24 Mini- symposium: Liquefaction Case Histories and the Next Generation Liquefaction (NGL) Project
25 Mini-symposium: Seismic design & performance of retaining walls
26 Mini-symposium: Earthquake-induced Rockfall Risk Analysis and Mitigation
27 Mini-symposium: Probabilistic seismic performance methods in geotechnical earthquake engineering
28 Mini-symposium: Three-dimensional site effects in strong ground motion
29 Mini-symposium: Assessing seismic induced cracking of earthfill embankments
30 Mini-symposium: Earthquake Design and Performance of High Cut Slopes
31 Mini-symposium: Verification and validation of site response calculations: from 1-D to 3-D geometry and from linear to non-linear soil behavior
32 Mini-symposium: Towards the Establishment of an International Collaboration Framework for Instrumented Sites and Structures, aiming to Enhance Global Earthquake Resilience and Sustainability
33 Mini-symposium: Liquefaction Mitigation: Case Histories and New Developments
34 Mini-symposium: Advances in Insitu Testing Equipment and Data Interpretation for Assessing Soil Liquefaction Potential
35 Mini-symposium: Seismic performance of horizontal infrastructure; observations, learnings and resilient design solutions